Lighting Control

Rubicon’s versatile lighting control products give you complete power over how you manage your lighting in buildings of any size. These easily customisable, smart solutions are simple, cost-effective and energy efficient.


Wired & Wireless Lighting Control

Get the most out of your lighting system and enjoy being able to control when and how the lights are used. There are several benefits to both our wired and wireless lighting control installations.

Colour temperature

The colour temperature of a luminaire can easily be changed by sliding one’s finger along the luminaire icon.

Light colour

Use your lighting control app to change the light colour or to save your favourite colours.

Calendar and timer

Scenes and animations can be turned on and off with the calendar and timer functionality, based on the users’ needs, seasons and activities.

Sunrise and sunset

The system can calculate sunrise and sunset times based on the time zone and location that have been programmed into the network.


Use your lighting control app to control luminaires individually, or to group them to be able to control them altogether.


Programme various scenes for different occasions and needs. Control these scenes with one tap.

Occupancy sensor

Motion sensors can be integrated into your lighting control system to make sure lights only go on when needed, saving energy.


Our lighting control solutions can be used in one room only or scaled up for big developments or building complexes.


Your lighting network can be accessed remotely with the gateway functionality.


Animations, or dynamic scenes, are when the lighting fades from one scene to another.


Each node in your system contains the same intelligence, if one unit goes offline, the others will still function, and the offline node will catch up.

Daylight sensor

Standalone sensors or ones that are integrated into luminaires can be used to control lighting levels based on the time of day.