Our comprehensive range of specialised lighting and lighting control solutions are guaranteed to bring your retail, commercial or industrial space to life. While our fittings perfectly blend aesthetics with function and energy savings, our team offers unparalleled customer satisfaction with expert design capabilities and technical support.

High-quality fittings

Our wide range of high-quality lighting solutions include both local and imported bespoke, specialised fittings. In our production facility, we tailor make luminaires to meet the unique requirements of individual clients. We stock linear, panel, downlights, tracks, spots, exterior and industrial fittings. Our protected, emergency and UVC lighting ranges are ideal for industrial, commercial, and healthcare applications.

Lighting control

Want more control? Get the most out of your lighting system and enjoy being able to control when and how the lights are used with our versatile lighting control solutions. There are many benefits to both our wired and wireless control installations which offer you the following functions: colour temperature, light colour, calendar and timer, sunrise and sunset, grouping, scenes, animations, daylight sensor, occupancy sensor, synchronisation, scalability and gateway. Our lighting control solutions are suitable for buildings of any size and are easily customisable, smart, simple, cost-effective and energy efficient.

Full-service offering

We are your essential partner for any lighting project. Our services range from advising you during the conceptual phase of a project, right through to the design, installation, and servicing of your fittings. Extensive industry experience allows our team to provide high level technical support, while our design capabilities will bring your lighting projects to life. Each client is treated holistically, based on their unique requirements.

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