Service & monitoring

Our monitoring service is guaranteed to give you peace of mind and save you money. We use our customised dashboard to monitor your existing systems to ensure the smooth operation of your facility and reduce operational costs. Take the hassle out of building management with this convenient service.

Remote building management

Our Rubicon Operations Centre will monitor your equipment or facility online. We escalate issues such as water leaks, breakages or billing issues. If necessary, our teams will assist you on site to rectify the problem.

Full visibility and insight

Wherever possible we link your existing systems, such as air conditioners, generators, and water and electricity meters to our controllers. If necessary, we can retrofit meters and measuring devices to your equipment. We use this to build a dashboard that gives full visibility of your facility and insight into your systems. Our dedicated team at the Rubicon Operations Centre monitors your facility online, identifying or pre-empting problems and notifying you of these. We also provide technical support and recommendations. And, where you need a product, we can supply this from our vast portfolio of trusted solutions.

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