Our state-of-the-art, in-house energy and lighting manufacturing facilities give us the edge when it comes to providing our customers with top-quality solutions that are made for local conditions. Our teams can respond and adapt to market trends and customer needs quickly and efficiently to provide the best possible solutions for each unique requirement.

APEX energy manufacturing facility

Our world-class APEX energy manufacturing facility produces energy solutions that stand the test of time. From inverters, batteries and a solar geyser system, to charge controllers, microgrid controllers and more, these solutions cater for all your energy needs. Engineered to perform in local conditions, you can be sure that these dependable products will never let you down.

Lighting manufacturing

We manufacture bespoke LED lighting solutions and fittings in our lighting manufacturing facility. Our facility boasts a full suite lighting laboratory in which we do electrical, photometric and thermal testing, research and development, and quality control. This, and our commitment to responding to market trends and adapting to our customers’ needs, is how we make sure we always produce lighting solutions of the highest quality.