Rubicon offers AC and DC electric vehicle chargers for commercial entities or networks. We provide holistic, fully white-labelled charge point operation and e-mobility service provider solutions. Rubicon is also proud to be part of the expansion of e-mobility infrastructure in South Africa, with the roll-out of our own EV charging network.

Charge point operations

Rubicon provides full charge point operation (CPO) services directly to end clients or on behalf of an entity. We supply world-class AC and DC electric vehicle charging stations and take care of installation and commissioning. Our customised branding and white-listed software options may be just what your business needs to make your EV charging stations stand out. To make things even more convenient for you, our customers, we offer service level agreements to operate a network on your behalf. The service level agreements include billing and tariff collection, maintenance and operations, and technical support. And, in collaboration with the broader Rubicon team, we present fully holistic solutions, such as solar car port structures, to ensure the sustainability and green footprint of your business.

E-mobility service provider

Rubicon can remotely monitor and control your EV charging stations on your behalf. Using our back-end software, we can view live charging sessions, diagnostic data, and billing information. We also offer white labelled, subscription-based solutions for customers' networks. EV drivers can use the Rubicon website to apply for an RFID card and buy tokens with which to activate and pay for charging sessions.

Top-notch chargers

We supply high quality AC and DC electric vehicle chargers from the following brands:

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