Power solutions

Rubicon is a one-stop shop for all your power solutions. Not only do we supply high-quality products to solve and mitigate your power quality problems, but we also do power analysis, supply and installation of products, and monitoring. Our data-driven solutions will protect your equipment and facility, limiting downtime, improving energy efficiency and power stability, and saving you money.

Data-driven solutions

We help our clients to identify power quality problems and use data to recommend and supply solutions for power factor correction, fast compensation, harmonic filtering, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction and reduction in energy use. We also install and commission the equipment; and monitor the solution.

High-quality products

We supply the following range of market-leading products:

  • Delta active power filters to mitigate harmonics
  • Delta static var generators and Elspec equalizers for power correction and reactive power compensation
  • Delta’s range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to provide clean, high-quality power. Available from 1kVA – 1,5MVA, modular or fixed, these UPSes are suitable for various critical applications including industrial plants, data centres and medical facilities.
  • Voltage regulation equipment

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