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Synapse Ultra Hybrid inverter & battery

Synapse Ultra

The Synapse Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter and Synapse Lithium Battery together provide a superior, premium-quality energy solution. Their seamless integration and complementary features make them ideal for residential and small commercial applications.

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Tesla Powerwall South Africa


Rubicon is the sole distributor of Tesla Powerwall in South Africa, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery storage system designed to store excess energy generated by solar panels or from the grid. It allows homeowners to use stored energy during peak demand times or in case of power outages.

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APEX solar geyser system


APEX, a subsidiary of Rubicon, is a product development house that develops, designs and manufactures equipment and software services for the renewable energy industry. APEX is currently developing APEX Cloud Services – to manage renewable energy equipment in the field – as well as microgrid controllers, inverters, batteries, and geyser controllers.

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