Sustainable Buildings

Rubicon provides comprehensive monitoring, reporting and analysis services on the building infrastructure in commercial buildings, shopping malls and retail stores. We identify cost-cutting opportunities by detecting inefficiencies, predicting future results, and benchmarking the performance of buildings. Our dedicated team responds to real-time alerts and informs facility managers when incidents occur. This results in fewer maintenance call outs as only critical incidents are acted upon.

Sustainable Buildings


Our monitoring and reporting services are bundled with software that provides building stakeholders and us with valuable information regarding the performance of a building’s infrastructure. Using an in-depth analysis, we can further improve system performance.

Sustainable Buildings


At the Rubicon Operating Centre (ROC), a dedicated team monitors data from our clients’ facilities. Our unique, in-house developed dashboard consolidates information from the lighting, energy or e-mobility solutions that we supply as well as from the buildings’ HVAC, fire alarms, and water and power meters, all on a single platform. We receive alerts and escalate all faults to the relevant contact person, allowing for quick reaction time, and reduced operational and maintenance costs for our customers. We provide our customers with a basic or detailed report on the performance of a building’s infrastructure.

Sustainable Buildings


Our Sustainable Buildings platform uses a wide range of hardware components as well as software that uses open protocol standards like BACnet, Modbus, KNX, DALI and IoT protocols like API and MQTT.

Power Solutions

Rubicon supplies a full range of power quality systems to prevent components in facilities such as data centres from being damaged by surges or poor power quality. We offer remote monitoring on these systems – so that we, or the facility manager, can predict, prevent and troubleshoot incidents easily.



Keep your operations running smoothly when other sources of input power fail, with our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions. This energy efficient range includes flexible, scalable systems which can be expanded to accommodate greater demands for power protection.

Power solutions

Power Factor

Our range of power factor correction products monitor, report on, and resolve issues that threaten the reliability and efficiency of power supply systems. Customisable and with high adaptability, these products can be used for both simple and flexible applications.

Power Solutions

Power Quality Meters

We stock advanced power quality analysers with a revolutionary, patented algorithm for continuous waveform recording. These easy-to-use devices record all power quality parameters in real-time, enabling you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot events easily. Use Elspec’s free, comprehensive engineering software to create professional reports and analyse your data.

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