Our Lighting range includes bespoke, specialised luminaires using a combination of imported and locally procured products, as well as tailormade luminaires manufactured in our production facility. We stock linear, panel, exterior and industrial fittings. Our protected, emergency and UVC lighting ranges cater for applications in industrial, commercial and healthcare settings.

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Linear Lighting

All our linear lighting is customisable. We can create continuums up to 30 metres long for applications such as cove lighting, general lighting and aisle illumination.


Panel Lighting

Our panel lights are for interior use, particularly in offices and workspaces. We offer standard and unique size options.


Bespoke Systems

We can create bespoke luminaires to showcase the uniqueness of projects. Whether it be hanging pendants, linear solutions, round solutions, or recessed lighting, we fully customise lighting to our clients’ requests.


Downlights, Tracks & Spots

Our range of downlights, tracks and spots are available in 10 – 45 watts and can be used daily in offices, passages, bathrooms and gymnasiums for general lighting and to highlight specific features such as clothing or food. Our track lighting is fully customisable and suitable for offices, supermarkets, and other retail applications.


Exterior Lighting

We supply wall lights, bollards, and façade lighting to accentuate parking structures, buildings and provide area lighting.


Industrial Lighting

Use our industrial lighting for commercial applications such as aisle, rack and workplace illumination, and in gymnasiums and airports. We supply systems that provide the correct level of light for the tasks that need to be performed in those spaces.


Protected Lighting

Our protected lighting for mining and industrial applications comes with ATEX and IEC EX certifications. They are explosion proof, fireproof, and IP rated.


Emergency Lighting

Use our standalone emergency lighting to illuminate emergency escape routes and to provide light during loadshedding and power outages.


UVC Lighting

Our product range includes UV surface and air disinfection units, mobile and mounted blasters, disinfection cabinets, air-duct disinfection units, handheld units, and continuous feed disinfection units. Several of these products can be tailormade to client specifications for use in various settings including offices and hospital theatres. Our products are 99% effective when used correctly.