We provide an all-in-one solar software solution to our EPC and installer partners. It takes care of everything from initial contact with the end user through to the installation of their solar system, monitoring of the system over time and offering follow-up services.



  • Automatic assignment of filtered leads to improve the success rate of customer engagements.
  • An integrated lead-management platform allowing you to keep track of new and contacted leads with ease.
  • Site appropriate kits, pre-populated with all the required components, can be bought through the online portal, ensuring seamless procurement of products.
  • Improve your installer skillset with continuously updated product-related training courses.



Increase your skillset with our online product-related courses. Completing the courses may lead to added benefits, such as being able to purchase specific products as a Rubicon-certified installer.



Load your own leads or install our lead-generating and filtering calculator on a website of your choice to generate external leads.



Use the platform to view your leads and associated site-specific information; select pre-populated kits or design your own solution for the site; and generate proposals that you can present to your customer.



Installers can use our simple and advanced calculators on our platform or embed them on their own websites to generate leads. Entering site-specific parameters leads to a simulated load profile and proposed solution for the end-user, with insights into their potential savings.
Energy Calculator